3Dprinting field + People with disavilities ⇒ Create a new industrial field! 
Let's create small happiness all over the world!

My keyword is Personal Fabrication and 3Dprinting.

For people with disabilities. By people with disabilities. I have a plan that helps people with disabilities become personal fabricators. And I think there is a new industry hidden in this niche.


What I am trying to solve is little inconveniences that appear in everyday life. Such inconveniences are highly specific to the inconvenienced person. And they can be solved with beginners in 3D modeling and 3D printing. Businesses are not interested because the needs are very small and very specific. But solving such needs can bring a huge amount of joy to the people who are impaired by them.

This is the knob found on an electric chair operation lever. It's very smooth. It's very hard to use. 




So me made it less smooth. When going backward it would be nice to be able to pull it.




So we added this part. And the front is empty. So we can make something of this.

And here, we made a nice bear face. The 3D modeling here was made by my partner, the lady who uses that electric chair.




That's it. So it is not about only solving problems, but also about designing happiness. That's the Personal Fabrication I'm talking about.


People with disabilities need time to manipulate computers. They need special training. It is hard to support them with the existing online programs. So the first step is creating specific online training.


This plan is not here only to exist in the disability service field.


In Japan and other parts of the world Fab Spaces flourish, but they have trouble finding ideas for contents. They have problems finding things to actually make. I want to provide such Fab Spaces with useful contents that solve real issues.


I want to show them the unknown needs of people with disabilities. I want them to feel happy, and useful to the world. And I want people with disabilities who did not know they could solve their own problems to connect to Fab Spaces.


So the second step is a world award that rewards 3D modelers in this new industry so that people with disabilities can find interest in Personal Fabrication. A bit like the Ig Nobel Prize. Ideas that cater to small needs, with simple 3D printing and generate a lot of happiness would be earning a prize in our awards.


I want to make the award an opportunity for the world to pay attention to such needs and for the people with disabilities to realize what they can do. By scaling to the whole world the connection between the needs of people with disabilities and the solution that is personal fabrication, we can find universal innovations.


That's the plan. That's the vision. Thank you.